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    Wings of Change is a film of self-discovery and personal growth that bridges the cultural gap between the Western world and the Middle East. It follows the experiences of an American man, Jack Wilson, who has lost his family in a tragic accident, and consequently lost his will to live. The film begins in Los Angeles and follows Jack as he travels to Europe and the Middle East searching for meaning in his Life. Throughout the film, Jack, is guided by the signs of nature and a subconscious spiritual guide, enabling him to see beyond his inner conflict and thus revealing to him, the path of his destiny. We see Jack grow as he embraces Middle Eastern culture through chance meetings, and an incredible journey to Dubai, where he regains respect for himself and the world around him.

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    Jumeirah Beach is an action packed heist film set iat the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Jumeirah, the resort area just outside the city center of Dubai, UAE. The story opens with the theft of the Wellington Diamond, an invaluable gem from an old European family, during an important international fashion show at the hotel. It's a daring heist pulled off by a professional team, utilizing specialized climbing gear and a helicopter, but it results in the death of one of the thieves.

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