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    The origin of our story focuses on the lives of newborn falcons. We will work directly with expert falconer Howard Waller and his falcon-breeding center in Dubai. It is at this center that the birds are hatched and raised to training age. We then follow the training regime through which the falcons develop their hunting abilities. In addition we will cover the historical aspects of falconry, its current global status, and many other aspects surrounding falconry, all leading up to the final hunt and then eventual release into the wild.

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    Waves of the Desert follows a group of international surfers as they explore one of the last untapped locations for surfing. Not counted among the world-class surfing destinations, the Middle East can represent a long standing surfing tradition of exploration and cultural discovery. As the surfing community has conquered the big waves of Peahi, Todos Santos, Mavericks and the like, a movement is developing to find the next new thing. Unable to go any bigger, surfers are looking back toward the roots of contemporary surfing, which include traveling to exciting unexplored locations, and discovering new surf breaks.

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    Bedouin Builders is a documentary film that examines the amazing transformation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the past 35 years since it gained independence from Britain. The UAE, formerly known as the Trucial States under British control, became a federation of seven emirates which function like self-governed city states, ruled by traditional royal families in 1971. Though the emirates retain autonomy, they are bonded together under a federal government run by representatives from each royal family. The federal government oversees UAE foreign affairs, defense, economic policy, among other needs, and does wield legitimate power.

    In addition to exploring the vast history of the region we will discuss the depths of Dubai and how it is the fastest growing metropolis on the planet with more mega projects than anywhere else in the world. The story begins to open the door the the vast scale of these projects, the people that are engineering them and the men behind them.

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    Al Khamsa or The Five According to legend, a tribe of Bedouin, after a long journey in the desert, released their mares to run to a watering hole to quench their thirst.

    As a test of their loyalty the mares were called back to their masters before reaching the water, and of the many mares, only five returned faithfully without drinking.

    These became the five original favorite mares of the Bedouin, and each was given a strain name which would carry on with its descendants. Just which strains these were depended on the teller of the tale as there are actually more than five strains and all are related and of equal importance.

    The term "Al Khamsa" signified purity of bloodlines to the Bedouin...

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